Edinburgh Castle in ink

140524 castle in ink

Here’s my “lost” work of art – a piece I drew at the City Art Centre 4 years ago but neglected to post here.

This was the only time I’ve drawn in ink. I enjoyed how it flowed, and remember thinking how I’d like to use it again. That’s still true.

I drew it on 24/5/14, in a free session connected to the centre’s A Capital View exhibition.


Lucy 2

Almost 2 and half years since my last post. And this is the reason:


Woman 1

151230 woman 1.jpg

Art is calling me back. I’ve been away for the last 7 months raising my beautiful, delightful girl, but the longing for art never goes.

I spent a wonderful 10 minutes yesterday putting some colour down.


Last week, a new source of inspiration entered my life. My fantastic daughter was born.

Although I cannot afford any time to my art at the moment, there is no doubt Lucy will have an impact on my art once I do.

lucy 5 days old


I adore this Cecil Beaton photo of Paula Gellibrand. I like the composition and style. It is from 1928 but could be from any time in the future – that’s what I like the most about it.

I have been inspired by Cecil Beaton’s photos in the past.

My thanks go to Kitt Noir for bringing this to my attention via a retweet of @hillaryssteps.

Cecil Beaton - Paula Gellibrand, 1928

Going dormant

I started to learn to draw and paint 5 years ago. It has been a wonderful means to become acquainted with art from the inside, and it has allowed me to nurture my visual creative side.

On the day that I enter my 5th decade of life, I have decided to end my brief first stint at being an artist.

A number of factors have contributed to my decision to bring this period to an end. Primarily I haven’t been strong enough to juggle my art with the plethora of other activities that my life requires me to do.

I hope that one day, when life is more accommodating, I’ll be able to resurrect my artistic activities. This is why I’m going dormant rather then ending entirely. The plan I developed last year will still be actionable at any time of my life.

Although not practising, I shall continue to take an interest in the art of others, and I shall keep this blog open to occasionally comment on such.

Thank you all for your support, even by simply following my blog or liking one of my posts. Thank you.