Mirror me

Hayley Whittingham led this month’s Drawing Room at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

We started the session looking at installations showing decay, using mirrored card to see the work as no-one usually sees them. This is me crouching in front of the roses in Hayley’s Instagram post.

She then encouraged us to repeat the experience by drawing reflected images directly on the mirrors, thereby simulating a decay of our subjects as they disappeared from our view.

Although not one to normally do self portraits (the results are too shocking), I latched on to the idea of drawing my own reflection as I peered down over the mirrored sheets (sorry for the poor image quality):


Iteration 9 – evolution

Now this is where it gets interesting…

So far my application has just been generating random images. The only influence I’ve had over them has been the capabilities of the framework I implemented, and choosing which of the randomly generated images to present on this blog.

In my first run of this, from the initial 11 images I picked these 5 to form the first generation:

3 minutes and 120 or so images later, through judicial selection I had directed the evolution to produce this:

Iteration 8

Added some capabilities for me to navigate the images my application randomly creates, including rotation and zooming in and out.

The initial image shown to me
Zooming out uncovered more to it
Zooming into the previously hidden area showed this