Recursive binary stream

This is a good piece to start this blog, as it is a motif of myself.

In last Thursday’s Drawing Room session, armed with a scalpel and instructions to create a motif of myself, I drew from my computing experience to produce this stencil. It features a binary stream of dots and dashes. It also includes the concept of recursion represented by nested, decreasing levels of scale.

The Drawing Room sessions aren’t traditional drawing sessions, and as such they are fittingly held at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Each session is led by a different artist, and explores different ways of creating art.

This month’s artist showed examples of cutting paper to create stencils: from exhibition pieces to work she had done. She set the task of using this method to use elements from our own lives to create a motif. I was considering using a mixture of elements personal to me, but on seeing my initial small-scale binary patch, she enquired what other aspects of computing could be represented. From this discussion, I developed the image to include the recursive scaling.

I’ve attended 3 Drawing Room sessions so far. Each has revealed new things to me: from techniques to ways of thinking about the creation of art. In later posts, I will reflect on the earlier 2 sessions. These are proving to be very valuable. An excellent addition to the traditional drawing/painting classes I’ve been attending.

UPDATE 12th Sept: The artist who led this stencil workshop is Frances Priest. She is primarily an applied artist and a very well respected ceramist. Very appropriate for someone who helped me create this motif for myself, Frances has work in the Smiths Row art gallery in my small hometown Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk.


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