Fourth in watercolour

After the summer break, the fourth course I attended was with the tutor who led the Princes Street Gardens sessions: David Forster. This was titled Watercolour For All, and was a broadening of the more advanced course he previous taught at Leith Academy, Refining Watercolour.

From my experience in Princes Street Gardens, I knew that David was skilled at identifying where I could improve. He didn’t disappoint! Over the 10 weeks of the course, I learnt a lot about my weak points, and how I could improve them.

The first painting I did in this class (above) was of a mountain scene – a very different subject from my previous pictures. Every other week, David would spend 40 minutes demonstrating a technique. For the remainder of that lesson and the whole of the next, we would try it ourselves. The paintings were mainly landscapes, drawn from a choice of photos usually taken by David himself.

I attempted a second version of the same mountain scene at home. More careful and with more harmonious colours, but lacks some of the character of the first version. I found it interesting to try both ways of painting the scene.

This unfinished painting is a tree in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. It was an attempt at emulating how different colours of light hit the various sides of the tree trunk and branches.

This cliff painting uses angled brush strokes to capture the depth of the rock face.

The solid areas of colour on the road in this unfinished street scene didn’t come out so well. I still need to practice this. The source was an oldish photo that was not taken by the tutor this time.


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