Six-eyed asymmetric puma

120809 puma right

120809 puma left

In my first post I described how each Drawing Room session explores different ways of creating art. Today’s session led by artist Rosie Lesso got me working on physical 3D art for the first time.

It’s wrapped wood. It’s a puma. With 3 pairs of eyes.

The above piece started as a nondescript piece of shaped wood. I drew a matching pattern on thin paper, ready to glue around the wood. The pattern was drawn using graphite and an oil stick to create a stone effect. The resulting effect was reasonably pleasant. I knew it was a long, low animal, but only decided it was a puma at the time of writing this post.

I took a lesson from each of the previous 3 Drawing Room sessions I attended, but I’m strugling to find a lesson here because the nature of the work is so different from the usual drawings and paintings I do. However, this indicates to me that I’ll be thinking on this for quite a while, and may shape my future work more than even the 3 other sessions.

Rosie – thanks for leading this session. Although modern art is not my primary interest, I will be considering whether to attend one of the Introduction to Modern Art courses you are running.

I’ll take this moment to also thank Sharon Quigley very much for running the Drawing Room sessions. I will be attending as many of these as I am able. I’ve discussed the 3rd session I attended, and now the 4th. I’m still looking forward to writing up my first 2 sessions: the perception of sound and the use of textures. Thank you.


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