Continuing watercolour

At the start of this year, I attended my 5th drawing/painting course. This was with David Forster, continuing the watercolour techniques I had been learning at the end of 2011.

The above scene is from a photo David took in Peebles, or possibly Penicuik. I went back to this a few times to give it more sense of solidity around the trees, and more sense of depth. As my about page indicates, this is currently my 2nd favourite painting.

Just as my tree painting in the previous course went unfinished, so did the following tree painting. They’re hard!

Although it might not look like it, this tree however, is finished. This was an experiment using paint splatter, applied by holding the brush tip tightly, and spraying the end. I quite like it.

The course finished on trying out a technique to paint glass. It was done by painting water over the area to fill, and then applying paint in that area.



  1. labellerire

    Your watercolour work reminds me a lot of my friend Ameer’s style. The splatter tree one at the end is gorgeous.
    And for the last one you did, reminds me of my own style. 😛

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