A base in oil

Two weeks ago I started attending Malgorzata Kosek’s oil course.

In the first week we learnt the basics of handling oil paint and mixing it with white spirit and nail varnish.

Last week, we began work on a piece that will take us through the whole of the course. We brought in our choice of image that we’d be working on. I took in a tourist magazine with a lovely scene of Loch Lomond featuring subtle Scottish blues, greys and oranges.

So far, I have laid a base layer marking out the key areas of the image – see above. The white areas are intentional.

A challenge for this lesson was to successfully mix the paints to colour match the source image. The mixing process was very different from what I am used to with watercolour as the paint was more forgiving: if it was too strong in one colour, it could relatively easily be rectified by adding a little of the other colours on the palette before applying it to the canvas.

The lower areas in the painting so far are reasonable approximations of the source colours. However, I totally failed with the sky. It was meant to be a far paler shade, mainly white with a little yellow/orange. If I were more patient I may have done better with this. Hopefully the tutor will be able to show me how I can rectify it in today’s lesson.


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