Oil week 8: water re-work

In the previous lesson I followed tutor Maggie’s direction to apply lines and spots to the lake area to create the water texture. At the start of this lesson however, she instructed me to paint over it. Totally. The previous lesson’s lines and spots are gone. The remains of the pier are gone. So too is the boat and its occupants.

I’ve been consistently advised over the weeks to apply lots more paint than I was doing – that the key is to have many layers of paint. This is foreign to me from my watercolour experience, but I threw myself into it in this lesson. If I was going to obliterate my previous brush stokes, I was going to do it fully!

First I applied a rich dark layer of paint after I had mixed a reasonable colour. Then I added a bit of light to the paint and scattered it around in another layer. And then more light, laying in yet more paint into the still wet lower layers.

The result has a pleasing glassiness effect to it, just as you’d expect to find in still water (which this isn’t). It is currently far too dark, and in the next lesson I expect I’ll be lightening it further and trying to add some disturbance to the lake surface.


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