Oil week 10: finished product?

I attended an interesting life drawing session on Saturday. But before I blog about that… my oil class finished on Thursday.

Here is my painting of Loch Lomond here in Scotland:

Loch Lomond - 121129

In this last class, I smoothed out the lake and made it lighter. In the earlier stages of the work, there was a more pronounced difference between the nearer water – the lower 60% of the lake area – and the further water. This was an attempt to capture a visible difference in the water tone. In this class I was able to make the difference in water more subtle and natural looking. Instead of 2 strips, there are now 4, with more common tones shared between them.

In the last 10 minutes of the class, I added the final details: a boat and a row of sitting birds. I didn’t have time to add the remains of the old pier that are visible in the earlier stages of the work.

These details are great value. For 10 minutes work, despite their crudeness, the details enhance the picture by at least 20% in my opinion. I like details.

I will probably leave the painting as it is, but as oil work I could always come back to it later if I wanted. I may wish to restore some of the shared colours between the lake and the sky, which I lost in this last session, or add those missing pier details.

I will leave you with a reminder of how the painting looked at the start. It has been an enjoyable process working on this, and I’m pleased with the result of my first oil painting.




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