This image is a result of last September’s Drawing Room session, let by artist Ross Hamilton Frew.

Usually I try to write up a class or session as soon as I can after doing it, while still fresh. This time, I felt the original image deserved to be reworked as it was all over the place. You can see it below.

As 4 months passed without working on it, I decided to post it anyway, without an improved version. Fortunately, when getting the image ready to post, I had an idea…

Normally when I post an image in this blog, I use image editing software to brighten the photo of the painting or drawing. 1 click, and some cropping. This time, I experimented using the software to fill sections of the image. Using this technique, I transformed the image from the unimpressive image below to the more distinctive design above.

Not only is it my first digital image, it is also the first with meaning, and the first image I have named.

“Splintered” is a comment on how some people (not me) may see the dissolution of the Union between Scotland and the rest of the UK, should Scotland vote for independence next year.

This meaning of the image didn’t exist until I started digitally altering it. I had a different meaning in mind for the image originally, although it was a rather vague, indistinct meaning – probably not even worthy of describing as a meaning. I’m much more pleased with the digital version and its clear idea.

In the Drawing Room session, Ross described the technique he had been using for his most recent art works. This revolves around drawing straight lines to create a framework. From these frameworks, he draws out patterns that he sees in the construction. This is the technique we had a go at trying.

Here is the original item I created in the session. It is clearly practice material. You can probably see why I wanted to do something to it:



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