Drawing lesson 3: perspective

The third drawing lesson focussed on perspective – exploring vanishing points in a street scene.

We drew vanishing point guidelines, and our own fictional buildings with windows and doors that followed the guides.

I studied perspective in the past in Michael Mulready’s class. That class was observation based – starting with drawing boxes. In this drawing class we took a constructionist approach, building up a scene from imagination.

Although we were encouraged to use shading, I chose not to do so because I wanted to concentrate solely on the perspective lines aspect of the drawing. Pencil is ideal for this, whereas the charcoal I previously used isn’t so appropriate for producing fine lines. Because I stuck with lines for the most part, my result more closely resembles a crude technical drawing:

street scene wireframe

We then used the rest of the lesson to draw from a photo of an Edinburgh street scene using our knowledge of perspective.

Edinburgh street scene



  1. Brittany

    It appears u really understand a lot regarding this particular subject and this exhibits thru this post, labeled
    “Drawing lession 3: perspective | art fn”.
    Thanks ,Danial

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