Drawing lesson 4: portraiture – it’s not me!

In Monday’s drawing class we had a couple of attempts at self-portraiture.

Portraits are my weakest area – or at least it’s the area that exposes my weakness the most as it is the least forgiving form due to the brain’s built-in ability to perceive faces.

Some examples of my inability can be seen from this course I took a couple of years ago (although they are excellent compared to this week’s “self-portraits”). I thought I might be being too hard on myself as I’ve drawn very few faces so far – a couple of dozen maybe – but in reality it is probably the opposite. I’m probably being too lenient on myself if I want to improve. I know I’ve got to practice, and practice lots.

Excuses in place… here are yesterday’s abominations. I advise squinting your eyes if you must look. I’m sparing you by showing small versions. Are you ready? The first is in pen, the second in pencil.

130218 1 130218 2


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