Drawing lesson 6: composition

For this drawing exercise, we composed an image from our choice of magazine photos. We were directed to pick at least 2 photos to use as inspiration.

I mixed a jokey fake photo of the Queen playing cards with James Bond, with a real-life scene of wartime grief to produce either a light-hearted scene of a couple of conspirators playing a nasty trick on their playing companion, or a social comment on those playing the game versus those being played. My intent was the former, and hence a title for the drawing of “Nasty Trick”.

I’m pleased with the composition. Those in the background do look like they are actually in the background (not just smaller) thanks to lighter shading and less detail.

Nasty Trick



    • timhards

      I think you need to be more skilled to inject character into a hunched figure – especially one covering his face. I don’t even know where to start. I’ve got lots to learn.

      • labellerire

        Hm, I agree. And you might just be starting out, but I think there’s really something there. Keep nurturing your talent, I can really see this going somewhere.

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