Dunkeld waterfall, in watercolour, continued


Yesterday in class, I continued working on the watercolour painting I started last week. I worked on making the sides of the river much richer: darker, with more details and texture. This has differentiated the river from the banks.

See last week’s version of the painting to see the difference.

The painting is almost complete, although I might add a few more small rocks to the water to make it a touch more realistic.



  1. raehering

    I really like your painting, and especially appreciate seeing last weeks version compared to this week’s. I love the insight into the process. I want to share with you a song I wrote called “Watercolor:” http://wp.me/p3mOze-m. It is my hope that visual artist may find something special in this song. Thank you for making your art.

    • timhards

      Thanks – I’m glad you liked seeing the before and after. I’ll let you know if I add some more rocks 🙂

      I checked out your song. It isn’t to my taste, but I saw the extremely favourable comments made by other artists. If you do a punk version however…

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