In need of a signature

my oil painting

For my birthday a few weeks ago, I had the oil painting I painted last year framed. It’s missing a signature. I have played with some ideas of what I could use as my art signature, but haven’t decided what to use yet. The 2 front runners are:


The signature on the left is an amalgamation of my initials TH. I like the simplicity of this monogram. It is reminiscent of a Chinese or Japanese character, although my wife doesn’t recognise it as one.

It is easy for me to draw, and easily identifiable as a “stamp”. However, because of its simplicity it has most probably been used elsewhere in many places, and so wouldn’t have the uniqueness I’d like, but perhaps this isn’t an issue.

The rightmost signature identifies me better. It is my officially recognised name in Spain, where the surnames Hards and Vicente are taken from my dad and mum respectively. I very much like the idea of recognising my Basque-Spanish heritage (and a little Portuguese) from my mum’s side. Gora Euskadi!

It is unique. It is extremely unlikely that the Hards Vicente combination identifies anyone other than me and my sisters, and is never likely to over the next few millennia. Currently Google only finds 2 matches for “Hards Vicente” (both me). This blog post will make it 3.

For the design, I spelt out the letters rather than using a conventional scrawl because it is clearer and more distinctive. The letters are nicely aligned. But after looking at it for a few weeks, I feel the lower-case letters might date quickly, so I’m not sure about them now.

So, that’s where I am. I’m torn about which way to go, so my painting remains unsigned. If you have any thoughts about this I’d like to hear them. Thanks.

I’ll sign off this post with a little music from the Basque country since I mentioned it. A good excuse.



  1. Steve

    Love the finished picture framed, and good choice of music!
    On the signatures, I think you may be right about the lowercase for the name. It’s a bit weak. I like the ‘stamp’, but perhaps incorporate a ‘v’ into it to make it more unique and keep the Vicente link?

  2. labellerire

    Gorgeous music, looks like a wonderful culture to be part of. And I like the idea of the name. You’re right, the stamp, as nice an idea as it is, has definetly been used before, and it’s simplistic enough that it could be easily recognised as something else. Plus, it’s more of a designer logo, than a signature, if you understand what I mean? Its the kind of thing you’d expect on a white backdrop of some minimalist design (urgh >.<) than a beautiful work of art, like the one you have up there (and by the way, it is very beautiful, I love it 😀 have you ever considered selling your work?). I prefer the idea of the name, but I agree about capitalising the T at least, to give it a bit more character. We actually just did a project on 'brand recognition' as they called it, but it goes a lot into how different logos and signatures can affect the impression people get of your work. It's an important aspect, so I'd consider it carefully. I could post some documents if you'd like?

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