April’s Drawing Room session was led by Spanish artist Cotelo Rosa Serván. This session was a little similar to March’s session in that it involved producing a collaborative work, using pieces produced by fellow session attendees. The goal of this session was to produce an image of a being. Human, animal, beast or otherwise.

In the first half of the session, we spent some time producing a pool of body parts, during which I quickly draw bull’s horns (which looks more like a Viking hat), some fat bird feet, an arm, the lower part of a face, and a full human head. Then we picked parts produced by others and arranged them to form our unfortunate beings.

These are 2 of the pieces put together by other people, featuring parts I drew. A horned/hatted clown (my horns):
130411 clown

A walking head (my lower face, legs, and arm off-photo):
130411 head

I was late to pick any parts to use, so my construction was made out of the unwanted left-overs that no-one else chose. It is a surplus-to-requirements creature that functions equally poorly either way around. It does feature a human head that I drew (the one on white paper). I threw everything in, but editing probably wouldn’t have saved it. Not one of my best.

One way up:
130411 up

the other way up is no better:
130411 down


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