This is the second piece I worked on in this month’s Drawing Room session, led by Kate Temple.

Love Struck

I cut the image of the girl to show blood pouring from her heart and mouth – not to show death, but to show a manifestation of heartbreak. I didn’t feel that the girl was suffering for a love lost, but rather for a love that was never to be fulfilled, for someone separated by time, distance, or circumstance maybe. Hence the title, Love-struck.

As with the first image, I used a metallic red sheet to show through the areas I cut out. By good fortune, in this photo I took during the session, the reflection matched the contours of the body, making it look like the blood is flowing down the girl’s side, accentuating the depth. Unfortunately the photo isn’t very sharp, but I was unable to recreate this effect so I am using this fortuitous version.

I am pleased with how this image came together.


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