Sky, in watercolour (wet-on-wet)

This is a result of this week’s watercolour class led by David Forster at the Leith Academy, near Edinburgh.


We practiced the technique of wet-on-wet, which is the process of wetting the paper first and then applying paint to it. Although my attempt is quite flawed (that yellow hill is part of the sky in case you were wondering), when I happen to glance at the painting it does briefly look like sky, so something is working.

As there is no class next week, I have no excuse not to have another attempt this weekend. I will share it in a few days, along with a full write-up of the process I followed.



    • timhards

      Many thanks. I do struggle somewhat in my control of watercolour, but I enjoy the challenge (usually). It’ll be interesting to see if my second attempt at the same scene will fare any better. I like what you’re doing on your blog.

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