Textures from the Drawing Room

I’ve written about every Drawing Room Session I have attended so far, except for this one. The session in June 2012 was led by artist and educator Paula Flavell, who kindly stood in for Rosie Lesso at short notice.

This session was an interesting exercise in discovering and using textures.

We took rubbings of surfaces we found around the room at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. Paula suggested we play with how we took them, by moving the paper as we did so for example, or by altering how much pressure we applied. This is my initial collection from floors, walls, door frames, pull cords, and dehumidifier units:

120614 1

We then took rubbings with the intention of using them to make a composition. Originally intending to create a hilly landscape, the textures lent themselves better to form waves, so I ended up with this choppy seascape, with boats.

120614 2

The result itself is not admirable, but I did learn that I could use this technique to add nice texture effects to my work. As yet I haven’t tried it because most of what I’ve done has been under tutelage, but I expect to start to incorporate this technique when I start doing more free form work. For example, it’d be interesting to see if it is practical to use this to form an under-layer or over-layer to my watercolours.



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