Who is Boksy?

You probably haven’t heard of Boksy. I hadn’t either, until the last Drawing Room I attended.

The theme of this month’s session: graffiti.

Katharine Aarrestad – who also led the CREMASTER session in January – led this one. The session was held in an exhibit consisting of a room whose walls were adorned with crude graffiti-esque drawings. You can make out the wall drawings in this photo from the session.

130613 session

Our material was chalk and our canvas a row of black paper around the edges of the floor. To help inspire us to create some graffiti of our own, Katharine and Sharon Quigley laid out a vast selection of different forms of graffiti and wall art.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into the mindset of a graffiti artist. Bold, stylised, symbolic imagery, ideally with something to say… it just wasn’t coming to me. So I reverted to form. My drawing was a rather lame bowler hatted gentleman, eying a ladies hat for sale. Nothing graffiti inspired there.

It was interesting to see what the other participants produced, a selection of which I’ve shown below.

I was intrigued to see numerous box characters scattered among the drawings, sometimes as standalone images, other times interacting with them. On investigation I found this cute character to the signature creation of an elusive graffiti artist called Boksy, who I suspect might have made a surprise appearance in the session.

So, who is Boksy? There have been rumours that Boksy is related to Banksy, possibly his sister, but very little is known. In fact, the only reference I have found of Boksy is his/her blog, with only one solitary post from 2004! http://boksyrules.wordpress.com/

I’ll leave you with the some of the drawings made in the session. My bowler hatted fellow is first, and last is a panorama of a collaboration between Katharine and Paula Flavell (who led a session last year). Boksy is well represented throughout.

130613 1 tim

130613 2

130613 3

130613 4

130613 5

130613 6

graffiti by Katharine Aarrestad and Paula Flavell


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