Watercolour course #3 with David Forster

As I posted a couple of days ago, I’ve now finished my third watercolour course led by artist David Forster. The first I attended was in 2011; the second was at the start of 2012.

Below, I’ve gathered all the paintings I’ve produced over the course.

Unlike the first two courses, I did some homework during this course. I touched-up some of the paintings at home, and even produced a second version of the sky picture. I intend to continue this a little more:

  • Make some changes to the waterfall/stream painting that I discussed with David
  • Do a third version of the sky to practice wet-on-wet
  • Darken the hills in the ice lake picture
  • Fill out the trees in the plein air painting to make the image stronger

I’m pleased with how I’ve progressed. It is a tricky medium but I feel my control over watercolour is getting more comfortable.

Waterfall/stream in Dunkeld

Sky #1, using wet-on-wet

Sky #2, using wet-on-wet

Edinburgh Botanic Gardens

Frozen lake at night, near Pentland Hills
130617 lake of ice

Painting done outside the classroom at Leith Academy


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