Travel series: Self-deceit

From my Travel Series 1, I am posting the last 2 postcards together as they share the same inspiration. Both are based on a series of photos by American photographer Francesca Woodman.

In Francesca’s short career, before she committed suicide at 22, she explored the theme of hiding in front of the camera. The Self-deceit series displayed at the From Death to Death exhibition shows the artist nude, face hidden behind a mirror that she is looking into. More can be read about Francesca Woodman in this Guardian article.

Postcard #5 plays with the concept of hiding in full view:

130808 5 - francesca woodman

When I was working in the corridor in front of these photos, the artist leading this Drawing Room session – Sara Sinclair – sat near me doing her own drawing. I grabbed the chance to do a sneaky life sketch. Postcard #6 is a picture of Sara, where I have replaced her postcard with a mirror:

130808 6 - francesca woodman

I thought that this would be a nice picture to finish my little excursion with.

I enjoyed reacting quickly to the various pieces I saw in the exhibition. It was a good exercise in doing some quick-fire reaction to draw something out of the items.

I hope I haven’t bored you rigid with this series. I imagine that looking through these might hold the same level of interest as watching a slideshow of someone’s holiday snapshots! I promise to be back to my usual drawings/paintings in a post or two.


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