Elements of fashion – Still life

Last Saturday was the second class led by Tessa Asquith-Lamb at the City Art Centre of Edinburgh as part of this summer’s Condé Nast photography exhibition.

Tessa brought in a selection of fashion accessories for us to draw in the morning, and paint in the afternoon. Among all the items I chose an arrangement of a hat, scarf, and a pair shoes. A photo of the original items is shown at the end of this post.

For the pencil drawing, we started with a line drawing and then added more contrast and shading to capture the material textures. I did a little work at home to strengthen the the hat and shoes. This is the end result:

130817 drawing

In the afternoon we used acrylic to do some painting. I chose to paint my original choice of items so that I would be able to compare it with my pencil drawing.

A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to take an acrylic course this autumn as I’ve been doing watercolour for a while, and had tried oil. Unfortunately there were no acrylic courses available in the council-run courses for the autumn, so I was very pleased that I could try acrylic in this class.

So, this is my first attempt with handling acrylic:

130817 acrylic

It was good practice spending time to draw the mixture of textures in this still life composition, and I’m glad to have got the chance to try acrylic. I’ve got some acrylic paints at home so I should try using them now. My thanks to Tessa for the class, and to the City Art Centre for running it.

These are the originals:

130817 source


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