Baba antropofágica

Last month’s Drawing Room was led by Kate Temple, who also led May’s session. This session fittingly took place within the involving Witches & Wicked Bodies exhibition.

The session was inspired by the late Brazilian artist, Lygia Clark, who explored art beyond the convention of using an object such as a painting to mediate between artist and spectator. She developed ideas around works produced by participants instead of by a sole artist to be consumed by viewers. This article discusses her development of these ideas. When reading about her work, it occurred to me that the internet is an ideal platform to involve participants in sharing the production of works. I haven’t looked into it, but there must be projects that have done this. It would be interesting to see what’s been done.

An early work Clark proposed in 1964, Caminhando (Going), involves the participant forming a Möbius strip from paper, and then cutting along its surface. Another work from 1973, Baba antropofágica, involves one person lying down while others surround them, blind-folded, pulling string from a cotton reel held in their mouths, producing a form of drool.

We performed both works, although in the latter the central person was substituted by an eclectic collection of objects that Kate and organiser Sharon had laid out. The collective sound produced by the rattling of cotton reels in our mouths was like something from a horror movie. This was the most bizarre thing I’ve ever been involved in.

For the more conventional part of the session, we reverted to making images inspired by the large collection of items, now covered in spitty piles of string 🙂

Nothing special from me:



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