131010 escada

In keeping with the fashion theme that I started to explore in the Condé Nast workshops this summer, I produced this fashion-focussed collage in the last Drawing Room.

Two closely-fitting models, from different pages of a fashion magazine, are looking up at an unnatural light emanating from outside their realm of existence. One of the models is either labelled by luxury fashion brand, ESCADA, or – with the aid of the other model – she’s expressing a notion to ESCAPE.

This month’s Drawing Room was led by Duncan Robertson, a sculptor who studied under Eduardo Paolozzi in Munich. The session was held in the Paolozzi room at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. The room includes not only works by Paolozzi that he had donated to the galleries (he came from Leith), but also a recreation of his studio. Duncan recalled many of the items on display in the studio recreation, although he noted that his real studio would often be filled with the smell of food that Paolozzi prepared to share with visitors.

Paolozzi often used items from anywhere around him as inspiration for his sculptural and collage work, with a particular interest in science fiction. In this way, for the Drawing Room, we were provided with a large variety of items that we could use to produce collages.

Many fellow attendees were adept at using numerous items in their work, producing rich visuals, whereas I only managed to add 4 items onto my 2 backing sheets. The final image shown above includes one additional item that I added at home: the reflective strip at the top. I’m concerned that if I start throwing things together with little thought, I’ll be left with a disjointed mess. However, I don’t think I’ve ever just delved in to see if that is really the case. It’s probably something I should try a few times.

As an aside, the pattern and colours of the Spanish flag in my image were purely unintentional. I only realised the resemblance after the fact…


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