Haizeen orrazia

In last week’s oil class, I painted this image using a palette knife:

131021 2

It is part of the Haizeen Orrazia sculpture (Comb of the Wind / Peine del Viento) by Basque sculptor Eduardo Txillida Juantegi.

The sculpture is located on the edge of La Concha bay in the beautiful Basque Spanish city of Donostia / San Sebastián. The painting shows 1 of 3 “combs”. The sculpture also includes a set of holes in the ground that air blows through when the waves hit. As you can imagine, it’s a popular sculpture to visit.

For the first time, I used a palette knife rather than a brush to produce this. It was extremely difficult to control, but hopefully the effect carries some of the bluster that can be experienced standing near the sculpture when the waves are strong. In the following lesson a couple of days ago, I considered working on this more to merge some of the blocks of colour, but decided against this. I decided it works best as it stands.

The source image I used was a photo taken by my dad:

(c) Steve Hards

(c) Steve Hards


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