Silvia: Imperial leather jacket

The Fashion Glitter is a blog by two Italians from Aosta Valley: Silvia Bressan and Jasmine Medda.

Their blog is full of wonderful shots of themselves looking very fashionable – and all are ideal sources for me to practice drawing and painting. This is my first attempt.

131101 silvia - imperial leather jacket

This drawing of Silvia was made from the first photo in this post. In the post all the items worn are listed, but as I’m not fashion aware, the only brands I recognise are Gucci (bag and shoes) and Dolce & Gabbana (sunglasses).

On the positive side, I think I got the proportions roughly right. On the negative: the head is a bit too short and I haven’t captured the smile; the leg should be held up a little higher; the bag is a bit flat.

I will improve with practice, and I’m looking forward to drawing – and perhaps painting – more from Silvia and Jasmine’s blog.



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