Cheers Kate Bentley!

A week and a day ago, Kate at Maison Bentley Style ran a wonderful, rich blog party, packed with super-interesting guests.

Being my first, I was woefully unprepared. I was expecting a single party, with guests mingling by visiting each other’s blogs. However, this wasn’t the full story: the guests themselves were throwing their own parties. It was a party of parties! Instead of drinks and music, visitors to my “party” only found a drab introduction to my blog. I’ll do better next time!

Fortunately, despite my lacklustre welcome, several visitors appeared to like what they saw, and I gained some followers, likes and comments.

The best part of all the partying was finding some excellent blogs by Kate’s guests. There are too many to list, but these have been the highlights for me – all of which I’m now following.

Kitt Noir – she has a wonderful eye for images, and is prolific in her postings. Great fun, and loves my hometown too 🙂
Lia in Brussels – interesting posts about the arts
Her passion for fashion – plenty to inspire me here. Interesting to hear her say “I am an obsessed fashion lover, to me fashion is art” on her about page, as this is something I agree with, although only recently become aware of
The fashion huntress – Melissa has great photos
Vintage Attitude – a compatriot from Suffolk, whose vintage-filled blog is pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone
The Crazy Bag Lady at Bulan Lifestyle – currently doing daily drawings, reminding me to type less and paint more!

Altogether a very productive and fun party – and I’m not finished visiting everyone yet…

Thank you so much Kate for making this happen. Without you I wouldn’t have met all these great people.

And of course, thanks to all the fellow guests! It was a party of parties to remember!

PS I’ve decided to keep the “Inspired by fashion” menu that I had added for the party, as a permanent fixture on my blog – for quick access to all my fashion-tagged posts.



    • timhards

      It was serious fun!! I forgot to mention what a great uber-host you were – visiting each guest’s party leaving a welcoming comment. Much more work than hosting a regular party I’d imagine. And you say there may be more?! Count me in!

    • timhards

      You are most welcome. I enjoy seeing your frequent posts come through on my reader – and just saw your activity on twitter yesterday. Do you sleep? By the way, I love your choice of Audrey Hepburn for your avatar – beautiful – always makes me happy to see.

    • timhards

      Thanks Lia! Great to see you here!

      2 weeks on from the party, I’ve only today just finished visiting everyone’s blogs. One last blog that I discovered is I really like the artist’s paintings – I find them quite captivating.

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