Ciudad desconocida

I painted this scene of an unknown Spanish city a few hours ago, in this week’s oil class. You can’t tell yet, but that’s a fountain filling the foreground, with a statue sitting on top of the blue block of water. I’ll work on it more next week.



UPDATE 13 Nov 13

I realise now that I might not have been clear why the location of this scene is unknown. I was attempting brevity shortly after taking the class, and might have taken it a tiny bit too far!

The tutor supplied us with a black-and-white copy of a photograph to work from, but she had no details of where it was. There was agreement that the architecture looked Spanish, and it looks to me that a Spanish flag flying over the central building. On closer inspection, I think I can also see a Catalonian flag flying next to it, but can’t be sure (it is slightly clearer in my copy than my photo below). If true, given the scale of the buildings around the plaza, this might be Barcelona.

Here is the source image I worked from. Please let me know if you recognise the location!

131111 source



  1. Feet from Shore

    Unfortunately I can’t recognize the plaza Tim. What I’m pretty sure about is that this place is in Spain. The architecture of the buildings and the flags make that clear. The statue on the fountain should be easy to recognize though… mmm I’ll keep think about it and I’ll let you know if it clicks in my mind! 🙂

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