Brigitte Bardot

I did this sketch of Brigitte Bardot during my lunchtimes this week. I’ve never done a profile drawing before. I see many flaws and could tweak it endlessly, but Friday is a good time to finish. I got the source image from Kitt Noir’s excellent blog, here.

Brigitte Bardot

Have a great weekend everyone.



  1. alexcellent2012

    Hi Tim, I agree with KittNoir – beautiful drawing and I too wish I had that talent! By the way, KittNoir, I am now following your blog – it looks great and I look forward to exploring it further.

    • timhards

      Thanks Alex, nice to hear from you 🙂 Kitt’s blog is really good. She’s continually posting beautiful and inspiring photos. I’m so glad I found her at that blog party I told you about!

    • timhards

      Thank you Lia! I was ready to upload my post 3 times, but each time when I saw the image on the computer I thought I should make the lips a bit bigger, or the chin a bit rounder. It was good enough the 4th time 🙂 Good practice. It is a lovely source photograph, I think that’s what makes the drawing reasonably pleasant.

  2. Steve

    It’s interesting how you see the flaws but we see a lot of skill. You have captured the weight of her head and hair really well and there are some lovely touches, such as the necklace.

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