Spiral, à la Yves Tanguy

Thursday’s Drawing Room (what’s that?) was led by installation artist Lindsey Hamilton in the Modern Art’s latest Louise Bourgeois exhibition.

Lindsey showed us some of Louise Bourgeois’ paintings and sculptures, highlighting the spiral elements in some of her pieces. Also noted was the recurrence at different scales of cells: from biological cell-like drawings, to physical cages.

Our brief was to create layers of images, building from a spiral base image. I created two items, which I will post separately. This is the base spiral I created for my first item:

131114 spiral tanguy 1

I was inspired to create a spiral of triangular cells after browsing through Lindsey’s own work that she brought with her. A couple of her drawings contained triangle cell shapes, although not in a spiral form. This also tied in neatly with Louise Bourgeois use of cells, in addition to spirals.

You will note that I named this post after Yves Tanguy. He was a surrealist whose work I first saw last year at an exhibition of mainly Picasso in the same gallery. The paintings were quite memorable as they looked modern and futuristic despite being from 1920-50. They featured abstract objects, but very physical in form. Here is an example.  I very much liked the physical nature of those abstract shapes – and this is what I tried to do with my triangles. I shaded them in attempt to give them some mass, despite floating around space in a spiral formation.

Writing this post, I was pleasantly pleased to discover a commonality between Louise Bourgeois and Yves Tanguy. Both were from France originally, born 1911 and 1900 respectively, and both moved to the US where they lived the rest of their lives. Nothing special there – must have been quite a common pattern at the time – but I like it.

Okay, now where was I? The above spiral drawing was the start of my first item. As I mentioned, our brief included layering images on top of the base spiral. This was achieved using multiple layers of tracing paper, although I only added one.

131114 spiral tanguy 2

The idea of this bar was to play with the depth, by having some of the spiral go behind the bar, and some in front. It’s okay, but I prefer the unadorned spiral image. Fortunately I can just remove the tracing paper to restore it!

In the Drawing Room I also produced another spiral-based image, but I’ll leave that to another post.


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