Leah Smithson’s Ishan Project

I rarely post other people’s work on my blog, but I really wanted to share this remarkable project by artist Leah Smithson.

Started on 2nd March 2013, over 365 days Leah will tell the story of the Ishan – a group of intelligent beings forgotten by mankind. What caused the collective amnesia of the human race? You can hear her description of the Ishan Project here.

Each daily post is beautifully illustrated with amazing paintings, which have made me huge fan. Leah has given me to permission to show some of her pictures here. The first I picked features an illustration of the Ishan people, who look like us but whose extremities stretch to the heavens:


The second painting is a great example of the wonderful imagery that is featured daily:


Although the project is now over two-thirds of the way through, I only recently discovered it and have been enjoying reading it from the beginning.

If you wish to join me, you can find day 1 here.

For an ambitious project like this, I am a little saddened to see only a handful of likes on many of the posts. I hope that there are 1000s of readers who are reading through, too captivated by the words and pictures to click Like.

If you appreciate Leah’s work as much as I, perhaps you could help promote it on your own blogs too. I’m sure many of your own readers will like to be made aware of this project! Please feel free to reblog this post to spread the word 🙂

resist + remember



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