Lexa: preparatory sketch

The last 2 lessons in Priscilla Brightman’s oil painting course will cover portraiture. I decided to try and paint a picture of Russian model, Lexa Shevchenko, whose blog I follow. I picked a photo that shows her unposed, as I think her beauty comes out even better when natural than in posed images.

I spent a large part of the first lesson on Monday producing a drawing, so that I could become familiar with the subject before delving into oils.

Lexa Shevchenko - drawing

It isn’t too bad, but the face looks a tiny bit fuller than it should, and the eyes are maybe slightly too large. However, it has served its purpose by giving me practice with the subject before committing to paint.

Later in the first lesson, I started the oil painting. I will post it separately, after I make a couple of small changes.



    • timhards

      Grazie! Silvia – I haven’t forgotten your pastel bike image – I can’t wait to try that again! And Jasmine – I haven’t forgotten you either – I’ve already picked out some photos of you that I’d like to try drawing or painting! 🙂

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