Fashion Illustration

This is my first reblog. This morning, I decided to post about things that inspire me – and this reblog fits nicely into that category.

Seeing the lovely fashion illustrations that Julia has found, I realise I should seek out such illustrations too, as inspiration for my art. Fortunately Julia has pointed the way for this: books about fashion illustration… and even better, there’s a chance that the local Art Library at Edinburgh’s Central Library might have some of these! I will be making a visit.


We just started out with a new project called fashion illustration and I have been looking forward to this. It`s so much fun to take out inspiration from magazines and do something new about it and it will be all about different layers. We have directions so I can`t go crazy about it like I would love to do, we have to focus on the two earlier projects and create illustrations out of them.

I started this project with finding some inspiration and I also went to the library and checked out some books online and there is so much to love out there. I picked out my favorites from today and tomorrow I will starting building up my mood and inspiration board, im really looking forward to see where this project will take me.

Love, Julia Linn

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    • timhards

      They are aren’t they? This was my first reblog – and as you’ve now seen I’ve reblogged your punk post too – my second reblog! I doubt I’ll do that many more as I want to be posting my original items, but I couldn’t resist with your great post. 🙂

      • longandluxe

        I’m flattered so! I love the illustration books (maybe on my Christmas list now!) and I’m so very glad you enjoyed the experience of “Punk” through my adventure. It was a radical and fabulous exhibit.

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