The Paradise

In the style of some of the blogs I read, I have decided to expand my blog to include posts about things that inspire me. Just as blogging about my art studies helps me consider my activity more deeply, I hope this will reinforce the imagery that inspires me the most amongst the abundance of such sources of inspiration.

This image is from Sunday’s episode of The Paradise. When I saw this scene, I was struck by the powerful expression and the beauty of the pose.

The Paradise 131124



    • timhards

      Set in the 1870s, it is a story of a department store, The Paradise, the first of its kind in Britain. It has all the elements you’d expect: love, power, revenge, women’s clothing… It is very good, and I hope you get a chance to watch it. It is a BBC production. We’re in the second series at the moment. Did you get Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, or Upstairs Downstairs in Australia? We got Kath & Kim 🙂 my wife and I loved that!

      • alexcellent2012

        Wow, so impressed you got Kath & Kim over there. That is one of my all-time favourites! But don’t bother with the movie Kath and Kimderella – they went too far with that and it was just silly rather than spot-on parody. Yes, we got Downton Abbey here, one of the most popular shows ever on Australian TV. Totally glued to the screen every Sunday night. We also got Mr Selfridge and Upstairs Downstairs but didn’t watch them. The Paradise sounds great, I might check it out on DVD.

      • timhards

        I thought Kath & Kimderella was fine, not as good as the series as you say, but it was good to see them all again. The great thing about Kath & Kim is that there’s so much to them that you see new jokes each time you watch an episode again – no wasted lines – and superb comedy acting by everyone! I think a repeat viewing might be due this Christmas break 🙂

        You should definitely check out Mr Selfridge if you get a chance again. I enjoyed Upstairs Downstairs when it was on, but I can’t remember clearly enough to recommend as strongly as The Paradise and Mr Selfridge, which are both top notch.

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