Beijing opera

A quick sketch I did yesterday:

131208 beijing

This is a copy of a painting I saw at a Chinese painting exhibition in 2012. The woman in the original painting is far prettier than I managed, and I’m embarrassed to link to the source. I made her face too long — annoying as I think I got it right first time but thought it too short. All good practice though.

The artist is Kezhi Chen. This is the original painting, from his own website: Ancient Dream of Peking Part Two. It was my favourite painting shown in the exhibition.

Useless bit of trivia for you: the title used in the exhibition for this painting was “Dream of Beijing Opera in My Homeland”, which is why I titled this post “Beijing opera”. I don’t think I like the clichéd use of “dream” in titles, so I edited it out for my post title. I also prefer the non-romanised name: Beijing instead of Peking, so I stuck with that. There you go – end of trivia.


  1. Gabriela LeBaron

    It’s great that you are trying and your girl isn’t that bad! Standing by itself, I really like the drawing! She is a different person, yes, but beautiful in her own right. Also, thanks for sharing the work of Kezhi Chen, I love learning about great artists!

    • timhards

      Thanks so much for commenting – I love to hear feedback 🙂 and I’m glad you like it! Fortunately, I quite like it too – as long as I don’t compare it with the original. I’m scolding myself because if you cover the eyes she looks Caucasian. Since my wife is Japanese I’m quite familiar with oriental faces and shouldn’t have fallen into the trap I did!!

      The exhibition last year was interesting. I know nothing about the current artistic scene in China, but they showed multiple works by 10 different artists – all quite different. Really helpfully they also provided a catalog with all the works shown, and artist bios. If they hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have got this artist’s name. Now that I’ve found his website (for this post) I can see all the other cool paintings he’s done. Really nice.

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