My signature: HARDS VICENTE

Today I sent out one of my paintings into the wide world for the first time. A commission for a friend. For this, I felt the need to put my name to the work and sign it – something I have never done before – something that necessitated a signature.

Earlier this year I played with some initial signature designs. One used my Spanish surname Hards Vicente as a fairly unique identifier. After some advice, I set myself some goals for my signature to meet, from which I developed a signature which incorporated the Basque lauburu. I liked this, but to make it simpler for me to paint, I decided to take out the lauburu and chose to use an undecorated HARDS VICENTE as my signature.

Here is my oil painting that I had framed in March, now adorned with my new signature…

loch lomond - signed

And a close-up:

loch lomond - signature closeup

I have now also signed this painting of Tobermory that I did in November.

tobermory - signed

I am pleased with how the signature turned out. It looks decent, is identifiable and has a little character too I’d say.



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