First commission: Tobermory revisited

131424 tobermory

This was my very first commission, completed in time for Christmas.

The exact subject matter was left to me, but it was suggested that I do something along the lines of my recent Tobermory oil painting, or my Spanish city. After considering the options I decided to try my hand at Tobermory again – but instead of the empty spaces I left last first time, I decided to fill the entire canvas with colour. The background is meant to be suggestive of the hillside trees, that form the backdrop to the houses in the real Tobermory.



  1. Lia in Brussels

    My favourite version is the previous one I just saw, the one you posted back in November. The empty background somehow accentuates the village and I love this contrast, even more than the real Tobermory. But, of course, this is just a personal preference!

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      Thanks for commenting Lia – I really enjoy hearing people thoughts. I also like the empty background in my earlier painting. That is my preferred style of painting generally, where the focus is concentrated on the most important items in the image. I remember seeing an artist who painted someone sitting on a chair, but who decided to leave out the actual chair itself. This made for a more impressive – and award-winning – painting.

      Although I’ve been on a few evening courses, I’m still very much a beginner, so every painting I do is a big learning experience, and I’m experimenting big time! One of my experiments in this painting was to take the colours from the houses up into some of the trees, i.e. red trees above pink houses etc – a sort of unnatural reflection. The part I’m most pleased with in this painting is the reflected colours in the water.

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