Regular sketching in 2014

New year, new challenge.

Currently my art development involves taking a term of adult art classes (2 hours per week), going to Drawing Room sessions (1.5 hours per month), and doing sporadic items when I fancy. If I want to improve my skills, I should practice more. So I was pleased to read Kat Tvrdikova’s call for people to join her 3 days challenge – a challenge I hereby accept:

Throughout 2014, I commit to posting a new sketch every 3rd day.

It is a bit daunting to commit for this length of time, but I’m sure it’ll help me get better at drawing and painting.

To make the year-long challenge more interesting, I want to have a broad theme to my sketches, and came up with a couple of ideas. However, I’m not sure which theme to use.

Dear readers – please could you do me a huge favour and let me know which you would prefer to see, or perhaps you have another idea?

Thank you so much for your help. Please vote by the afternoon of Jan 2nd if you can. Thanks!

Happy new year to everyone!


    • Tim Hards Vicente

      Happy new year! Already 2014 for you I believe!

      Thanks again for reblogging Kat’s post – and for your own daily drawings too. Your daily posts had got me thinking about doing something similar, but I had rejected it as 1 post per day would’ve been too hard for me. But Kat’s idea for 1 post every 3 days might just work 🙂

      Best wishes!!

      • TheCrazyBagLady

        yes indeed. 4 hours into the New Year!
        A post a day with a sketch has been a real challenge, but for me I needed that discipline and it was a challenge I felt compelled to fulfill. 1 every 3 days is more realistic to be honest. Congratulations to committing to Kat’s challenge. Looking forward to seeing more of your artwork in 2014. Happy New Year to you. x

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      Thanks Milly, that does appear to be the common consensus so far – and at the risk of prejudicing the result of this vote of world importance, I’m inclined to agree with your sentiment! I’m already looking for what my first sketch would be if the world-theme is chosen, and the dancers from today’s New Year concert in Vienna are looking good.

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