Silvia: Zara boots

If you are reading this post in the expectation of seeing drawings of Zara boots – I’m sorry to disappoint. The boots are here, but you’d be hard-pressed to identify them! I named this post in reference to the original Fashion Glitter post that I drew this from.

I have drawn fashionista Silvia Bressan previously, in pencil. Today I completed another drawing of her, this time in charcoal:

Silvia Bressan on a motorbike, sporting Zara boots

The most observant of my readers might recognise this image. I had attempted to draw this in November, but I was disappointed with how it was going. Back then, I had limited myself by sticking to an initial sketch, and putting pastels on top. As it progressed I realised that it felt very flat and lifeless, and couldn’t see how to resuscitate it. I posted it with an analysis of where it had failed.

Today I used charcoal in much freer manner allowing me to move the parts of the drawing around. I was also able to emphasise parts of the drawing that I felt needed it. Although still not great, it is a definite improvement over the earlier version. For comparison, this is my previous attempt:



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