Sketches for 2014, number 6 — Sámi hat

Location: Sápmi / Lapland (again)
All right — I wasn’t so happy with my last sketch as I thought it didn’t show off the depth of detail in the traditional Sámi costume very well. Following Kat Tvrdikova‘s suggestion against my post that I try just doing part of the image, I have now done a sketch that focuses on the detail. I’m happier with this:

140118 saami hat

It was good to revisit this subject matter.  From this experience I’ve learnt that if I believe the strength of the subject lies in the detail, I’d be happier if I concentrate on getting that element across. Although it was the detail and flamboyant design (and colours) that appealed to me the most in this Sámi costume, it might be some other aspect with another subject – so I should consider what that aspect is before starting so that I can ensure I get it across.

A reminder of my detail-light sketch from 3 days ago for comparison, although I admit it is nice to see the hat in context 🙂 :

140115 saami man

This post is part of a series of sketches for 2014 that I will be posting every 3rd day. I will draw people and things from around the world that I find beautiful or interesting. The series will end on 29th December 2014 with post number 121.



  1. M. R.

    I find it damned fascinating, following you through your various attempts, with their varying degrees of ‘success’ and less so – in your terms. It’s a truly nice thing to turn to – someone’s working at something he loves doing. Thank you!

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      That is nice to hear! It is extremely encouraging to see activity from people reading my blog. All the likes, follows and comments, spur me on and stretch me more than if I were just producing things that I alone saw. There have been some great ideas from my readers that have also adjusted my direction, and how I do things.

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      Thank you Lexa. It is a wonderful surprise to hear from you! I hope you’re doing well. How was Cape Town? Are you back in NY now? I think the photos of you in Elle are amazing by the way 🙂 I love how you appear so different in all the shoots you do, yet still look gorgeous in every single one of them!

      Thanks for looking around my posts. I’ve been a lot more active here in the last 3 months – ever since firming up my interest in fashion-based art. A pivitol moment was when I attended a virtual blog party in October. There were many great bloggers there – many with fashion interests – who have been supporting me in my artistic developments ever since. In case your interest is piqued, this is the post where I turned this corner:

      My latest fashion focus is fashion illustration. I have just begun teaching myself how to do this from a couple of books:

      I hope I might see more of you around here. It is interesting to hear your opinions. I’ve never stopped sending you positive vibes! Take care.

      PS I saw that you saw my “in progress” portrait of you!! I didn’t tell you about it because I was ashamed of the colours! It truly is floating around the top of the items I want to get back to, so it’ll just be a matter of time before I fix it.

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