Fashion illustration practice: line

Last Wednesday I did the first of my fashion illustration lessons. I learnt how to use the balancing act technique to draw a contour with a combination of straight and curved lines. To add interest to the illustration, I learnt how to apply opposition of line to exaggerate left-right differences.

Last night – before today’s lesson – I did a couple of practice drawings using the techniques I learnt in week 1.

These drawings are of Jasmine Medda. I have previously drawn Silvia Bressan, Jasmine’s co-star of The Fashion Glitter, but these are my first of Jasmine. Both of these drawings are from her Boemos Boots post.

fashion illustration wk01 practice 1

fashion illustration wk01 practice 2



    • Tim Hards Vicente

      Thanks Jasmine! Somehow I managed to make your legs far too short in the second drawing. As you know, one of the aspects of fashion illustration is to have elongated figures. Next time I’ll try and make your legs at least the right length – but preferably even longer!!

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      I definitely recommend doing it if you can. You just need to find a fashion illustration course book from a library, and get yourself some charcoal pencils …. and some time! That last one might be a toughy.

      I’m half-way through my week 2 class! I meant to finish it in one sitting after work last night – but things rudely interrupted and got in the way. I’d like to finish it tonight (it was going well!) but I’ve got to finish plans for a short break to Berlin, so who knows when it’ll get done! And I’m meant to post a sketch today as part of my 1-every-3-days challenge. And I’ve got to get to work! Argh!!!

      Your comment notification popped up while I was looking at your post by the way! Looks great. Will need to look through it properly later! Best wishes.

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      Hi! I first saw your blog at the Maison Bentley Style blog party back in October, and have noticed your likes and comments around various blogs ever since! It has taken me a while to go and visit your blog, but am pleased to have done so now. You have a wonderful collection of fashion items there, with great descriptions. Bravo!! 🙂

      Oh, and France! Which part of France are you from? My mum was from just over the border in Spain: a small town called Vera de Bidasoa in the Basque Country.

        • Tim Hards Vicente

          I’ve travelled through France more than I’ve travelled around it unfortunately, and have never been to Marseille. Yet! My wife and I really enjoy seeing other countries, but there’s always something in the way – the latest being the building of our new extension, which started today! So in the meantime we’re having to content ourselves with TV series such as the excellent Engrenages and the interesting Les revenants. I saw a trailer for Un village français recently, but it hasn’t been shown on TV here yet. Hope it will be someday.

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