Fashion illustration: verticals, horizontals and diagonals

The 2nd lesson of my self-taught fashion illustration course was based on chapter 2 of Advanced Fashion Drawing: Lifestyle Illustration by Bil Donovan.

This chapter continued from the contour line drawing techniques seen in the previous chapter last week. To recap, the balancing act technique was applied with a mixture of straight and curved lines, using opposition to make the illustration more dynamic.

In this class, the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines were considered, in the context of fashion illustration drawings. I also moved beyond just drawing contour lines to filling in some of the detail.

2.1 Verticals

Here I learnt to accentuate the vertical lines in the image, and to elongate the lines in the neck, arms and legs. I applied this in addition to the techniques from the previous class.

For my muse in this lesson, I used photos of Cologne-based Rike, from her wonderful Draped in Cloudlets blog. The clothes she shows are ones she made herself. This drawing was based on a photo in this post.

fashion illustration wk02 21

2.2 Horizontals

Next I learnt to select horizontal lines to diminish or eliminate entirely. Source post.

fashion illustration wk02 22

2.3 Diagonals

To end the lesson, I learnt to emphasise diagonal lines – while still accentuating and elongating verticals, and eliminating horizontals.

I chose an interesting source photo, but it was tricky to draw as I had to invent a lot of the diagonals, as encouraged in the book. For this illustration, I pushed myself to make the lines more stylised as this is not something I’m used to doing.

fashion illustration wk02 23

This was a difficult lesson as I struggled to balance proportions while elongating the figures. I did enjoy the challenge though, and am keen to do lots of practice to improve my ability to do this!



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