Sketches for 2014, number 11 — Freeride World Tour

Location: Courmayeur, Italy
I did this quick sketch while on the plane, from an inflight magazine on skiing. This is from a photo of the Freeride World Tour in the Italian Alps.

140201 ski

This post is part of a series of sketches for 2014 that I will be posting every 3rd day. I will draw people and things from around the world that I find beautiful or interesting. The series will end on 29th December 2014 with post number 121.



  1. katdesigner

    I like the style of the pencil strokes, they capture the speed very well. Sorry I have been around much lately for more support. My e-mail became pile of unorganized stuff due to some technical problems, hopefully no more of that.x P.S. And I hope you recovered from your cold?!

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      Thank you! Yes, fortunately my cold was successfully eliminated in time for my trip to Berlin. I’ve been there since Saturday – business and pleasure – and got back 3 hours ago! The trip (and previous busyness that prevented me from preparing in advance) has meant that I missed yesterday’s sketch. I’m pleased that I did manage to get this one posted for Sunday though. Hopefully I’ll be able to do yesterday’s tomorrow 🙂

      I also cancelled my own fashion illustration lesson yesterday. The good thing is that as it is a course purely for me, I can just postpone the lesson till next week, so I won’t miss anything! I did manage some fashion illustrations on the plane though: Saturday and today. I hope to post them later tonight.

      Glad to hear you’re back on top of your stuff. I’m a bit behind reading any blogs, so I’ll read your latest posts later 🙂

      • katdesigner

        Hi Tim, don’t worry! I have a little rule of trying to get it on time, but if can’t as long as it’s done eventually, that is fine. Sometimes life becomes so busy or things get in the way, it is better to do it properly and the way you like it, not just for the sake of doing it. I am just about to do mine now, which meant to be in two days ago. Have a nice weekend and looking forward to see your work. x

      • Tim Hards Vicente

        The best laid plans…. I’m now 2 sketches short, but you are right — in this case, with our hobbies, it is better to do it properly than rushing something to meet a desired deadline we set ourselves. In my profession, when code is committed in a rush to meet a deadline, and the usual checks are bypassed, it creates “technical debt” that must be addressed later. Awareness of such debt is key to ensure that the quality of the code base is maintained. I will employ the principles of this to ensure that my “blogging challenge debt” is visible and acknowledged. I.e. in my future 1-every-3-days sketch posts, if I’m behind in my posts I will list how many sketch posts are overdue. This way I won’t feel so bad about missing any – I’m not hiding them – but I’ll also be pushing myself to get them cleared so that I’m back up to date, and will have nothing to list. This trick might suit me 🙂

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