Fashion illustration practice: Tania in socks and heels

I’ll stop apologising for missing fashion illustration lessons, such as this week’s. While our extension is being built, I will work to my own do-it-when-I-can schedule! Between lessons, I’ll try and do more practice drawings based on what I’ve learnt so far.

The following is a quick drawing of Tania – my first – from today’s post on her Little Pretty Mess blog.

140307 tania


    • Tim Hards Vicente

      I thought it was in keeping with my new artistic focus! I might even break up the lessons into smaller chunks to fit them into any suitable gaps, i.e. 1 hour bits instead of 2 hour lessons. I’ll stay fluid with my time keeping and see if it suits me better.

  1. tanicr

    Reblogged this on littleprettymess and commented:
    Good morning, just a quick post to show you guys this awesome silhouette of one of the photos of my last post! I love it!! Thank you so much!
    Have a great Saturday

    Buenos Dias, un post rapidito para enseñaros esta silueta hecha de una de mis fotos de mi último post, me encanta gracias!!
    Que tengáis un sábado maravilloso.

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