The Great Unfinished

A week ago, I asked myself what was stopping me from reaching my full potential when it comes to exploring my artistic creativity. This resulted in some changes of perspective, and in some actions I could perform to correct my direction in life.

One of the challenges I put to myself was to consider why making art is essential to me. I realised that it would be most effective to give myself a visual reminder of all those things that I’d love to spend time exploring further. This is the action I wrote for this:

ACTION: Keep a portfolio of items that I would like to explore further. I shall call this The Unfinished, and it will be hosted as a page on my blog. It will include a mixture of partially completed items, and finished works that I’d like to expand on. It might also include some source items that I’d like to paint. The Unfinished will be forever changing, according to how my interests develop. By looking at it regularly, I expect it will remind me of how much I want to do, and of how much I’ve enjoyed of the journey so far.

A week later – on my birthday – I can now unveil that portfolio. I have given it a grander name, a name filled greater aspiration: The Great Unfinished!

You can find it on the blog menu, or directly here.



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