Fashion illustration: one large shape

This morning, I did some more of my self-directed fashion illustration course.

Today I went through section 3.5 of Bil Donovan’s Advanced Fashion Drawing: Lifestyle Illustration, and drew 2 figures.

3.5 One large shape

As always, this lesson built on all the previous sections of Bil Donovan’s book. This lesson considered the usefulness of having a single large shape within the figure to provide contrast to the other shapes.

The first of my illustrations is of Rike from Draped in Cloudlets.

fashion illustration wk06 35aHere is her original photo that I used as the source, as featured in this post from last July. (c) Rike from Draped in Cloudlets

(c) Rike from Draped in Cloudlets

The second of my illustrations is of the Fashion Huntress.

fashion illustration wk06 35bHer original photo, as featured in her latest post. (c) The Fashion Huntress

fashion illustration wk06 35b source

Onward and upward

This was my 6th fashion illustration lesson, but I’ve only covered the first 3 weeks of material in my original scheduling for the course. I have covered a lot of ground, learning how to break down the fashion figure into lines and shapes, and applying various techniques to produce interesting stylised fashion illustrations.

I am very pleased with how the course is going so far – except for my haphazard scheduling! I’ve learnt a lot. In the next lesson, I will be taking my drawings to another level by adding solid areas!



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