Party time at the Drawing Room

This month’s Drawing Room was jointly led by Ailie Rutherford and Emma Bowen. As usual Sharon Quigley ran the session, and it was held in the Scottish Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh, taking inspiration from the current exhibition of Louise Bourgeois.

Since Ailie previously led a session on communicating with plants who could tell the future (check it out!), and Emma previously led sessions utilising sound to feed the creative process (sessions led by Emma), I knew the session would be a little crazy! Here’s me drawing with charcoal wired up for sound:

140313 drawing room - me in red

So, what didn’t we have in this session? No bones, no drums, no future-seeing plants this time. But we did have some birthday party fodder, suitable for mine and Sharon’s birthday that day:

Some beats:

140313 drawing room - electronic beats

Disco lights:

140313 drawing room - disco lights

A glitter ball:

140313 drawing room - glitter ball

And no party is complete without twirling ribbon – this is Ailie recreating Louise Bourgeois’s paintings in the exhibition:

140313 drawing room - ailie and ribbon

140313 drawing room - louise bourgeois ribbon

From the sound and light of these items I produced these experimental pieces:

140313 spin

140313 light

140313 population

Culminating with this larger piece on a roll of textured lining:

140313 life

As always, an interesting experience at the Drawing Room. I’ll leave you with some more in-session photos, courtesy of Emma. All photos in this post (c) her.

140313 drawing room - serious stuff

140313 drawing room - me + ailie

140313 drawing room - everyone



  1. katdesigner

    Well that looked pretty exciting Tim! I am not really usually into these kind of techniques, but painting with disco balls and disco lights looks like an awesome way to celebrate birthday. My party in the pub next week look pretty boring next to this.

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