Sketches for 2014, number 24 — Cowboy boot

Location: Coleman, Texas, USA
A basic sketch today, but it has been a week since my last post so I thought I should do something.

This is a boot by Tex Robin. I drew it from this great article about the history of the cowboy boot. This boot proudly displays the Texan flag – the flag of the Lone Star State. I saw this flag flying far more than the American flag when I stayed in Texas for 2 glorious summer months back in the 90s.

140328 cowboy boot


My sketch debt

I’ve slipped a couple of sketches and am now back to owing 5 sketches:
Sketch 25: Sunday 16th March
Sketch 26: Wednesday 19th March
Sketch 27: Saturday 22th March
Sketch 28: Tuesday 25th March
Sketch 29: Friday 28th March

This post is part of a series of sketches for 2014 that I will be posting every 3rd day. I will draw people and things from around the world that I find beautiful or interesting. The series will end on 29th December 2014 with post number 121.



  1. The Fashion Huntress

    I bet you saw this flag more frequently there! Some states fly their flag a lot in the US! Chicago tends to have the Illinois flag…though not so much outside of the city. Funny how that stuff varies by region! Love this sketch!

    • Tim Hards Vicente

      Thanks for the insight. I know flag flying is popular in the US – I’m not sure I’ve seen an American film where it isn’t on display somewhere – but I thought it was only Texas who flew their state flag so much, proud to be Texans first and foremost. That’s the impression I had when I stayed with my relatives there (non-Texan). As far as I know it is the only state that has the right to secede if it chose to. As an outsider to the US it is easy to see it as a single block, with perhaps some regional stereotypes (NY, California, Texas, midwest), but it shouldn’t be surprising to find such regional variation considering the population is similar to Western Europe, and it is much more vast.

      PS I was going to do my next fashion illustration (using one of your photos) yesterday – but I couldn’t find my charcoals! I need them for the blocked out shapes in the next lesson. Our building work is going well, but we’re quite disorganised, and extremely busy – not a very conducive combination for doing drawing lessons!

      • The Fashion Huntress

        Totally understand! I’m glad it’s going well! Yes, there is a lot of state by sate variation, but I think the regional mentality is normally accurate too. The Midwest stares have a lot of similarities, for example. So interesting how these things are the same/different on other continents!

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