Sketches for 2014, number 25 — Larabanga mosque

Location: Larabanga, Ghana
One of the oldest mosques in West Africa, either 15th or 17th century. My shading is not as clean as I’d like. I am still trying to kick the habit of thinking I need shading. This would look stronger as a line drawing, with its nice lines.

140329 larabanga mosque

Source photo on wikimedia, shared by Sathyan Velumani:

photo shared by Sathyan Velumani

My sketch debt

I owe 4 sketches:
Sketch 26: Wednesday 19th March
Sketch 27: Saturday 22th March
Sketch 28: Tuesday 25th March
Sketch 29: Friday 28th March

This post is part of a series of sketches for 2014 that I will be posting every 3rd day. I will draw people and things from around the world that I find beautiful or interesting. The series will end on 29th December 2014 with post number 121.



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