New workshops at the Edinburgh City Art Centre – coming soon

Over the next couple of months Tessa Asquith-Lamb will be leading 3 new workshops at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre.

I’ve attended a few of these free all-day Saturday sessions in the past, and have always found them very interesting. I attended a couple of fashion-inspired workshops led by Tessa last year (Fashionable silhouettes and Elements of fashion – Still life), and am looking forward to going to these. If you are local, perhaps you might want to sign-up too? I might not be able to make all of them unfortunately, but I’ll be doing my absolute best to clear the time so that I can go!

Sat 17 May 2014
A broad view
Experiment with unusual format landscape drawings and paper constructions in this class.
Inspired by early views of Edinburgh, panoramas and dioramas, enjoy a day of experimenting with viewpoints to create intriguing cityscapes

Sat 24 May 2014
A textural view
Explore collage and rubbings creating texture.
View the city through new eyes and create an imagined landscape of rock, castle, tenement and sky using a variety of textural techniques.

Sat 7 June 2014
An epic view
An experimental class looking at large scale ink and wash landscapes and cityscapes.
Enjoy the freedom of working in ink on a bigger scale, and experiment with mark making to create new views of your city.



  1. Margaret Findlay

    thanks Tim we have shared this on the City Art Centre Facebook page – keep blogging about us. Are you aware of all our great classes out at Lauriston Castle too?

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